Where Knowledge meets Aspiration

Indrashil Institute of Science and Technology (IIST) is a tribute to the legendary Medicine Man of India, Mr. Indravadan Ambalal Modi whose vision and entrepreneurship laid the foundation of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry. IIST exemplifies a similar spirit to re-define the educational environment in India and explore the unflinching potential of youth. At its core, IIST imbibes the belief of Shri IA Modi, also Founder Chairman of Cadila Pharmaceuticals, to innovate and research and thereby create a bench mark in the Indian education system.

Presently, IIST offers Under Graduate and Post Graduate programs in various disciplines of Engineering. The Institute also proposes to introduce courses in Life Sciences and Automobile Engineering.

In today’s global knowledge economy, an educational institute is no more limited to creating, integrating, repositing, disseminating and applying knowledge and learning. It has a larger role and must respond to a changing society and adapt to the realities of today’s world by transforming its knowledge into potential benefits - economic and employment growth.

Well functioning universities cannot be imported. They can only come from an organic, evolutionary process internal to a society. IIST is envisioned as a world class institution of higher learning with this philosophy. Imparting quality education and regularly monitoring through structured feedback for continuously raising the benchmark is the main focus in IIST College.

IIST will be a “research-intensive” institution by actively encouraging, supporting and integrating research into education. It will provide wider access, reward and promote interdisciplinary research, and establish research partnerships, with the goal of research outputs of high quality and impact.

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