About the Program

The main idea behind this finishing school program is to enhance the employability of the graduates providing a complementary education & training framework that aims supplementing the formal education with practical and industry internships. It adds substantially to the efforts of various industries in the sector to tap trained and industry ready work force. Automotive & Manufacturing industries requires highly skilled and trained workforce at each node of its operation. Today, the Indian Automotive Industry is a significant contributor to the Indian economy, contributing nearly 5% to the country’s GDP and about 17-18% to the kitty of indirect taxes to the Government. With its wide penetration and strong influence on the country’s economic and industrial development, the auto sector is indeed one of the major drivers of our economy. However the students coming out of the system are not as par with the skill set required by the industry and they becomes unemployable, where the reason is being Industry did not have a say in forming curriculum, and setting standards, for the skilling program across the country. The automotive sector will require around 15 million skilled manpower; in the next decade. IIST Finishing School has taken one step ahead to take part in up-skilling and re-skilling of the students, as our government’s goal to train 500 Million by the year 2022 in automobile field. This Automobile finishing school program are customised to accommodate the current and future needs of the automobile industry and also focusing for the India-Japan association for building the skilled manpower and the manufacturing & assembly units for Japan based automobile firms in India. Automotive Finishing School is one-of-its-kind skill development initiatives of IIST to bridge the gap between the demand of skilled manpower and the current supply of automotive industry. Gujarat being the upcoming location for automotive manufacturing and assembly plants, we are creating the ‘Day-1 job ready’ professionals to cater the needs of this industry. IIST taken one step ahead along with the ‘Skill-India’ initiative and hold the hands with Automotive Skill Development Council (ASDC) to produce the skilled manpower. IIST and its industry partner Karnavati Engineering Limited (KEL), and knowledge & training partners, Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF), Boshc Rexroth, CADEM are jointly taken the quality training methodology to give more industry exposure and real life hands on practical in this course to make the aspirants to absorb the best practises and standard operating procedure of the plants, machine and the industrial departments. The soft skill trainings and role plays covering the needs of the collaborative working environment, to the extent of documenting, reporting, handling the inter department communications and their clients. The institute is building these customized training modules for about 1 to 6 months duration for Engineering, Diploma, ITI or even 10th pass students; in association with NTTF, CADEM, Boshc Rexroth. These courses are focusing more with the required manpower from the domestic automobile and manufacturing industries.

Course Offering

The proposed course syllabus under this Finishing School lays more focus on practical & hands-on experiments as compared to theory. This course will concentrate on good automotive and manufacturing practice and the associated theoretical aspects in a major way. The course is designed for the aspirants from 10th Pass till Degree pass out to provide exposure towards the industry best practices and better employability & retention in the industry. This is a tailor made and customized course to the requirements of the industry by taking the aspirants educational qualification. The syllabus and the duration of the course also differ based on the industry requirements and also the basic qualification of the aspirants. The course covers the core technical subject matter along with the life skill, soft skill, personality development, industry visits, industry training, industry internship and On-the Job Training (OJT) during the training period. IIST has joint with the renowned nationally and internationally recognised training partner, Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF), specialised for the automotive and manufacturing to give the maximum output for the students. The duration of the programs may range from 1 month to 6 months; depends on the program and the requirements of the industry to which the programs are designed for.

Programs Available:

­   Capability Development Programs :

o CNC Programs

o Welding Programs

o Automotive Programs

o Service Technician Programs (2 wheelers / 4 wheelers)


The finishing school is housed on two floors in the new education building at the campus to get a private attention from other educational activities going on in the campus. The life science finishing school has state-of-the-art modern corporate labs, class rooms and well equipped workshop to get the industrial and corporate atmosphere for the aspirants during the course of learning.


Students are guaranteed of 100% placement upon the successful completion of the course. The students are selected to the course after being screened by the respective interview juries comprising of members of institute and potential recruiter companies. The students will be absorbed by the companies; once they complete the respective courses and the OJT. The regular placement workshops are conducted during the course to prepare the students to clear the preliminary screening tests, technical tests and interviews. The Finishing School will arrange all means to make the students to clear the criteria mentioned by the industry; so as to be absorbed by the company upon the completion of the course.


          Minimum qualification: 10th Pass

          Maximum qualification: B.E / B. Tech

Admission Process

Those who are seeking for the admission to this Finishing School course need to undergo the following steps:

     • Fill the application form

     • Clear the screening process (Test / Interview)

     • Deposit the course fee upon receiving the selection note

     • Collect the batch schedule

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