Courses offered

At present the Life Sciences finishing school offers two courses. These courses have been designed keeping in mind the industry requirement and the objective is to create industry ready professionals. 

These courses are:

Certificate course in Industrial Microbiology

The course focuses on basic microbiology and analytical techniques required for industrial regulation.

Certificate course in Quality Assurance & Quality Control

The course is designed to help Regulatory agencies, Documentation, prepare validation protocols, file Deviations and undertake suitable Corrective and Preventative actions
Practical training should include Analytical instrumental techniques, Calibration of common laboratory equipment, and Laboratory testing of raw materials and finished products as performed by a Quality Control laboratory.

Each course is designed to have 3-months Academic (lecture and practical) and one month training in Industrial premises. Each course is divided into 8-modules (tentatively 5 credit hours of teaching and 10-credit hours of practical).

The course will also include a short module in equipping the candidate with soft skills in a work environment.

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