The IIST Scholarships have been initiated to encourage the talents of such students, thereby strengthening the roots of our future generation. A small step towards the collective goal of making India the knowledge superpower of the world.

All scholarship awards are subject to the following conditions. Your acceptance of a scholarship indicates that you have read and understand the following:

01 The scholarship office reserves the right to review or cancel awards due to changes in financial standing, academic or program status. All scholarship students must be in good standing with the office of judicial and ethical programs.

02 All awards are tentative subject to legislative appropriation and receipt of funds by the IIST and final verification of academic records and acceptance to the IIST.

03Full-time enrolment in a regular degree program is required.

04Scholarship recipients must maintain the required cumulative percentage average (75% and above throughout the course duration).Percentage are subject to review on a term-by-term basis. Any scholarship recipient who earns a semester percentage average of less than a 75% will automatically forfeit the scholarship. Appeal of scholarship termination requires submission of the scholarship appeal form. All appeals are reviewed by the scholarship appeals committee coordinated by the scholarship office.

05Students receiving scholarship awards who withdraw from the IIST must notify the scholarship office. All scholarship and grant funds are subject to the IIST refund policy. Withdrawals count as a semester of eligibility and will result in the cancellation of the award.

06If the scholarship is renewable, renewal will be automatic contingent upon all conditions of the award being met. A student may receive a scholarship for up to four years (eight semesters total, under UG Programs) & up to two years (four semester total, under PG Programs). Awards are only available for undergraduate coursework. If a student takes graduate coursework and undergraduate coursework at the same time, payment for the undergraduate coursework may be approved by the scholarship office as long as the student has not exceeded the eight semesters of scholarship eligibility.

07All awards are subject to the provisions of the IIST scholarship policy which mandates that students may receive only one Institute sponsored academic scholarship each year.

90% And Above: Rs. 50,000 Scholarship (Equal to full tution fee)

80% And Above: Rs. 25,000 Scholarship

Special Scholarship for ranked sportsmen & talented artists

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