IIST has taken up the challenge to demonstrate models on skilling people with varying educational qualifications. The Institute believes that the current framework that differentiates education (offered by schools and universities) and vocational skills (offered outside the school and University system) is not serving a large majority of the people, and those receive education from the formal system are not skilled enough to gain productive employment. This Institute has taken up this challenge to demonstrate models that focus on skilling people with varying educational qualifications (including illiterates-they are not without skills, but their skills have been rendered redundant in the new economic context).

Skill Development program aims at increasing the employability of institute students by imparting knowledge and skills, through cutting edge teaching and learning methods as well as practical work experience through internships and community projects. In addition, it also focuses on inculcating students with values of civic responsibility and teaching them to work together effectively in complex environments to find practical solutions to some of India’s most pressing social issues.

IIST caters to the youth and this initiative will bring about a change for the better in their lives by making them employable. Graduating students will not only have a degree in their chosen stream, but will acquire a certification/ diploma in a job-oriented discipline. For example, a B.Tech Mechanical Engineering student could potentially also acquire a Certification in Designing. All students enrolled for Skill Development program gain competency in motivation, digital literacy, English communication, legal literacy, youth leadership and peoples’ skill, financial literacy, introduction to entrepreneurship and working with communities.

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